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Making sure your business is heard can be tricky, particularly in the online casino space. But our PPC tactics are designed to get you on top – literally.

We’ll naturally target your audience based on terms they search for, helping to ensure the campaign both provides value to you and is cost-effective based on its return.

We’ll ramp up the conversation of your brand through building carefully put together PPC campaigns that highlight who you are, what you do and why your audience should choose you over your competitors.

The casino world never stops and neither do our PPC experts when it comes to determining the best PPC strategy for your business. PPC isn’t a one-size-fits-all project, so we remain flexible in adjusting your paid campaign to deliver tangible results that support your wider marketing strategy. We’re game. Are you?

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Our PPC Services


When it comes to keeping your audience engaged, there’s so much wasted opportunity surrounding remarketing. Once you’ve captured your audience, you need to keep them on your toes through continuing to sow the seed to engrain a future purchase. We utilise an array of techniques to help you stay connected through targeting the users who have already expressed an interest in your website a further chance to sign up.

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Native Advertising

Native advertising is an ad buying software that ensures only the best ad opportunities are purchased to position you directly in front of your target audience. Its benefits include the ability to drive higher engagement rates and a greater purchase intent, boosting your conversion rate and ability to effectively nurture leads.

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Display Advertising

Some target audiences are more receptive to visual paid campaigns and that’s where display advertising comes in. Display advertising is a great way to eye-catchingly showcase your service. They’re visually appealing, helping to familiarise your audience with your brand and provide further opportunities for remarketing. We’ll track the engagement generated to identify how well they’re contributing to the success of the wider campaign.

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Intrigued by what you’ve read so far? Find out why you should choose us and get exclusive insight into some of our award-winning campaigns in our free downloadable Capabilities Case Study Deck.

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    Our Approach

    Are you ready to get started on your award-winning PPC campaign?

    Awards Accreditations

    Case Study

    Ladbrokes increase organic traffic by 530%

    The UK’s biggest book maker. Find out how we drove a 530% increase in organic traffic.

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    Why Absolute?

    What Makes Us Different

    We’re not just another casino PPC agency. We have experience working with some of the biggest names in gambling, helping them take a new approach to marketing their business. We won’t just help you build your campaign but provide further afield suggestions regarding your ad spend, landing page and website to ensure users can easily sign up and start playing.

    We’ll go above and beyond to prioritise the changes that need to be made to your landing page and website first as we build out your targeted campaign in the background to make sure the two complement each other and clicks turn into purchases from the get-go.

    We’ll also monitor your spend vs performance and provide further ideas on how we can reach your target audience and increase our ad conversion rate to provide you with the best growth available. We really will become a trusted extension of your team, helping you slot the puzzle pieces together in your wider marketing activity.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    01. What Is PPC?

    PPC also stands for pay-per-click and is the process of publishing a selection of ads on Google to promote your business. A small fee is incurred each time one of the ads are clicked on. As your PPC advertising agency, we’ll have complete control of your budget, targeting and what your campaigns look like.

    02. How Will PPC Benefit My Business?

    PPC is an effective way of getting your business in front of the desired audience because you only pay when a user reaches your website. As a result, you can decide exactly how much or little you’d like to spend. Before coming on board, our PPC team will put a detailed analysis together based on your budget to outline what you can expect and how it can be enhanced overtime.

    03. Why Is PPC Important?

    PPC is one of the quickest ways of getting in front of your target audience and, with the level of control it provides, you can choose to boost your ad spend for the demographics and queries that work and reduce spend in the areas that aren’t performing quite as well. We’ll essentially squeeze every opportunity for better ROAS and ROI.

    04. Can You Offer Integrated Marketing Packages?

    Absolutely! Integrated marketing is our jam. We will help you identify the best marketing avenues based on your budget and what you want to achieve over different time periods. We really are on your side so will make recommendations that reflect your goals and wider marketing activity because we want to make sure that we’re contributing as much value as possible.


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